The objective of the project “ECO” (Evolution of the CO2 increase using ships of opportunity: Galician coast and Biscay Bay) is to investigate the anthropogenic CO2 uptake capability of the Galician coast and Bay of Biscay on a seasonal scale. We are focused on:

i) the biological pump along the year and at small scale, by means of the chlorophyll and dissolved oxygen concentrations, and

ii) the solubility pump following the evolution of temperature in the mixing layer.

To carry out this project, an unattended pCO2 measuring system, called “GASPAR” has been installed on board of the RO-RO L’Audace, that usually covers the route Vigo (Spain) - St. Nazaire (France).

GASPAR is equipped with temperature, salinity, oxygen, and fluorescence sensors, and also connected with a GPS system. Simultaneously, meteorological data is registered during the transit.

From this web we want to thank the essential collaboration of the Flota Suardíaz S.A. company and the crew of the RO-RO L'Audace.

X. A. Padín Alvarez